Seabird Ecology Group, University of Liverpool

We are a group of marine ecologists, based in the UK, specialising in the study, research and conservation of seabirds around the world. 

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Recent Publications
For an extensive list of SEGUL publications, please see the Research tab.

The Journal of Animal Ecology Biologging Special Issue is out now, featuring Steph Harris' research on personality and foraging site fidelity in kittiwakes.

Fledged PhD student, Phil Collins, has shown that kittiwakes adjust their airspeed via changing wingbeat amplitude (not frequency) with increasing head wind. This work is published in the Journal of Avian Biology.

Former SEGUL Masters student, Karl Busdieker, has published work on the influence of prey density on foraging strategies in Ecology and Evolution.

The first paper from Rahel Borrman's PhD, conducted at the Research and Technology Centre (FTZ), University of Kiel has been accepted in the Journal of Avian Biology. Rahel found almost complete foraging segregation of individual greater black-backed gulls. 


Tommy Clay and Sam Patrick have been involved in a review of R packages for movement ecology, out now in Journal of Animal Ecology. The paper, led by Rocio Joo at the University of Florida, is the first from the HFSP-funded project


Tommy Clay and Alice Trevail have been involved in a review of the use of bio-logging technology within movement ecology, published in the Journal of Animal Ecology.

Alice Trevail has published new work in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Environmental heterogeneity decreases reproductive success via effects on foraging behaviour.

Ruth Dunn has published new insights into auk diving behaviour outside the breeding season in Journal of Avian Biology.

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