Seabird Ecology Group, University of Liverpool

We are a group of marine ecologists, based in the UK, specialising in the study, research and conservation of seabirds around the world. 

We are excited that post-doc Tommy Clay is taking up a new role at University of California, Santa Cruz where he will be researching cetacean habitat use. We can't wait to see what Tommy gets up to!

You can read about the research that Tommy has conducted during his time in SEGUL on the Seabird Sound Project Website and check out the publications that he's produced on our Research Page.

We will really miss Tommy and would like to thank him for all of his contributions to SEGUL during his time in Liverpool. All the best for the future, Tommy!

Dr Ruth Dunn recently successfully defended her PhD thesis, titled "Annual Cycles in the Behaviour and Energetics of North Atlantic Seabirds".

Ruth has published work from her thesis in Biology Letters, Journal of Avian Biology and Scientific Reports. Head to our Research Page to have a read.

Ruth is fledging SEGUL to studying sharks and rays as a postdoctoral researcher at Florida International University. Follow her career via her personal website.

Catch up with all of our SEGUL Alumni here.

SEGUL were thrilled to welcome two new members to our group at the beginning of the academic year!

Dr Lucía Martina Martin López has recently taken up a Postdoctoral Research Associate position studying the influence of infrasound on seabird movements and navigation. Meanwhile Eve Merrall is starting her PhD studentship under the supervision of Jon Green

We look forward to posting updates on their exciting research!

Recent Publications
For an extensive list of SEGUL publications, please see the Research tab.

Steph Harris has published her second paper from her PhD thesis! It focusses on personality mediated carry-over effects on breeding kittiwakes and can be read in Proceedings of Royal Society B.

More fantastic work from Sam Patrick can be found in her co-authored paper on the effects of marine ecosystem perturbation on northern gannet survival, published in Marine Biology.  

Sam Patrick's recent paper in Oikos describes a negative relationship between age (and therefore sexual conflict) and the coordination of parental effort in black-browed albatrosses. 


Tommy Clay has co-authored a paper in Diversity and Distributions investigating the environmental drivers of contrasting movements of juvenile and adult seabirds, and their implications for conservation.

Alice Carravieri has published work form her Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship in Environmental Science and Technology. Alice has identified associations between environmental contaminants and gastrointestinal parasites in European shags.

Tommy Clay's latest work on the influence of wind on the flight decisions of albatrosses is out now in the Journal of Animal Ecology.

The second chapter of Teri Jones' PhD thesis has been pubished in Ecology Letters. Teri utilised a multi-layer social network approach to look at how seabird social associations change across different foraging states and environments.

Tommy Clay has co-authored a paper in Diversity and Distributions evaluating the effectiveness of the large Marine Protected Area around South Georgia in protecting key habitats for 14 marine predator species. 


Ruth Dunn has published work on the year-round behaviour and energetics of common guillemots. She's written a SEGUL blog about this research and the paper is also open access in Scientific Reports.

The first paper of Jamie Duckworth's PhD is out now in Marine Ornithology! In this work Jamie explores the diving behaviour of a red throated diver within the freshwater lakes of Finland.

Tommy Clay has co-authored a Journal of Applied Ecology paper presenting a framework to combine biologging, phenology and demography data to map year-round seabird distributions, applying it to 22 albatross and petrels in the Southern Ocean.

Sam Patrick has co-authored a PNAS paper on albatross biologging tags revealing the extent of illegal fisheries. Sam has written an article about this research for The Conversation.

The Journal of Animal Ecology Biologging Special Issue is out now, featuring Steph Harris' research on personality and foraging site fidelity in kittiwakes.

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