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Ros Green

My main research interests focus on the effects of anthropogenic habitat change, leading to trophic level imbalance on K-selected avian species. This interest has lead to me gaining extensive field experience with seabirds, waders and wildfowl around the globe, and being heavily involved with NGO research on these groups within the UK.







I am conducting a part-time PhD with SEGUL, whilst also working as a Research Ecologist for the British Trust for Ornithology. My PhD research will focus on the moult migration of common shelduck (Tadorna tadorna) in relation to offshore wind farms (OWF). It will update the current knowledge of common shelduck movements around Europe, and gather high resolution data on their migratory pathways. These data and subsequent analyses will help to elucidate how shelduck may interact with OWFs, and consequently will help the OWF industry reduce the consenting uncertainties around new developments. The data collection and analytical methods developed during the PhD will also be applicable to other wildfowl species, and will help reduce consenting uncertainties for Anatidae moving across UK territorial waters in general.

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