Dr Rhiannon Austin


Rhiannon is a research associate at the University of Liverpool. Her research interests focus on understanding movement behaviour in seabirds, and drivers of variability in foraging and migratory strategies, both within and between populations. Rhiannon is currently working on foraging strategies of tropical seabirds, and manages a regional-scale Darwin Plus-funded project in the Caribbean, aimed at investigating population connectivity, habitat preferences and ontogeny of Magnificent Frigatebirds. Rhiannon also works on foraging behaviour in tropical sulids, and recently managed a 2-year Darwin Plus project in the Cayman Islands, which aimed to provide essential information on the at-sea behaviour, ecology and status of resident seabird populations in this UK Overseas Territory (www.caymanseabirds.weebly.com, @CaymanSeabirds). Rhiannon has worked on a range of species in both tropical and temperate systems, and is interested in understanding differences in foraging strategies between these distinct regions. 

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