Lila Buckingham

I am interested in the migration and non-breeding distribution of seabirds and in how we can use this information to safely progress marine development. This will help the UK achieve its sustainable energy targets, whilst minimising the impact on protected species, such as seabirds. My aim is to identify key areas of winter use by displacement-vulnerable species (such as the common guillemot and razorbill). Gaining a greater understanding of these species' movements and how they vary across populations and time will enable safer marine planning in the future by identifying and avoiding these areas.


I am based at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology in Edinburgh, and my project is a collaboration with CEH, the University of Liverpool and MacArthur Green Consultancy, and funded by Vattenfall. My fieldwork takes place at multiple sites around the north of the UK (see map), where we have worked with ringing groups to deploy light-level location devices (geolocators) on guillemots and razorbills in order to study these birds' winter movement patterns.

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