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Lucía Martina Martin López

My research has focused on fine-scale biomechanics and energetics of marine mammals. I have developed several methods to study the fine-scale biomechanics and energetics of marine mammals using multi-sensor tags. However, these methods have broad application to understanding gaits, locomotion and energetics of many marine and terrestrial taxa. I am particularly interested in assessing the effects of anthropogenic actions on the biomechanics and energetics of fauna, with the aim to minimize impacts in the most sustainable way.


After the PhD it seems I have moved into seabirds, and I am fascinated about it! did apply some of the methods developed in my PhD to study the diving lung volume of Emperor penguins at AORI (Japan). I had the opportunity to visit Antarctica through a scientific outreach project ( and saw the majestic wandering albatross.

Currently I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate as part of a large interdisciplinary and collaborative project which aims to investigate the influence of infrasound on seabird movements and navigation. In particular, I will be analysing GPS, accelerometer, magnetometer bio-logging datasets to examine movement decisions of individual wandering albatrosses in response to in-situ measurements of wind and infrasound.