SEGUL present at #WSTC6

Last week members of SEGUL were excited to take part in the 6th World Seabird Twitter Conference, or #WSTC6.

We have compiled a summary of our presentations below, including research from Sophie Bennett, Tommy Clay, Finn McCully, Jon Green, Ruth Dunn, and Jamie Duckworth.

First, Sophie Bennett who is based at the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology shared her latest research:

Next up was postdoc Tommy Clay who works on the Seabird Sound project:

Next, Finn McCully shared some of her first tweets on what she plans to do during her PhD research:

Next, within one of the Behaviour sessions, we had tweets from Jon Green:

The penultimate SEGUL presentation was by final year PhD student Ruth Dunn:

Finally, PhD student Jamie Duckworth presented some of his latest research on diver behaviour:

SEGUL extend their thanks to the #WSTC6 organising committee for this fantastic opportunity to share our research online.

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